Complete the funding application and submit the original to Clarksville city hall. The application must be completed in full. Incomplete forms or other deviations from the application may result in omission from the evaluation process. If more space is needed, please attach additional pages or documents to the application. When possible an example of the advertisement should be included.

Each applicant must provide the following:

  • a completed application page
  • a proposed budget for the project
  • Planned expenses, planned revenue
  • When applicable, the previous year’s revenue and expenses must be included

There are four application deadlines: Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st and Nov 1st. All applications must be delivered in person or via mail no later than the referenced dates. All applications will be considered, discussed and awarded by the CAPC at the quarterly meetings held the week following the application deadlines.

The application must bear the signature of the meeting/event planner and another pertinent person involved with the project. All funding requests are subject to availability of funds.

All funding requests must be submitted prior to the date of the invoices as well as the date of the event. All funds will be paid by the city of Clarksville city clerk/treasurer. Invoices are required for disbursement of A&P funds. Funds will not exceed the awarded amount. If the invoices are more than the approved funding amount, only the awarded amount will be reimbursed. If the invoices are less than the approved funding amount, any excess funds cannot be used for unapproved items associated with the event or any overages of the approved funding amounts, and the remaining monies will be put back into CAPC funds for future events. Applicants cannot transfer funds from one specific funding request to that of another. Any deviation from the funding request must be submitted in written form to the CAPC. The CAPC must be notified in writing as soon as possible if the applicant does not plan to use approved funds.

When applicable, a sample of the finished event brochure, flyer, and advertising needs to be provided at the next quarterly meeting of the CAPC following the event.

Additional Policies:

Indemnification: Organizations agree in writing to indemnify the Clarksville Advertising and Promotion Commission and the city of Clarksville of any liability associated with the organization or event.

Annual Support: The commission support of an annual event will under no circumstances obligate the Commission to continue support for the event in subsequent years. Organizations should not assume nor budget commission support annually. The commission reserves the right to terminate funding or promotional support at any time the commission deems appropriate.

Debts: Organizational bankruptcies or event deficits will not be covered by CAPC funds. The Clarksville A&P commission will not “bail out” events that incur losses. It is the sole responsibility of the requesting organization to properly plan their event and manage their funds in a manner that demonstrates both fiscal accountability and management responsibility.

Freedom of Information Act: The applicant must acknowledge understanding that any support from the Advertising and Promotion Commission is subject to the Freedom of Information Laws as stated in The Arkansas Freedom of Information Handbook.

Event Follow-Up Requirements

The meeting/event must be completed by the stated date.

Within 30 days of the completion of the meeting/event, all funding awardees must provide a written summary of the meeting/event. This summary should include:

  • the “Meeting/Event Summary” form,
  • number of participants & number of local lodging rooms booked,
  • overall economic impact of the meeting/event to the local community,
  • a financial report, evaluation of the meeting/event and disclosure of funding sources, and budget vs. actual, and
  • when applicable, a sample of the finished meeting/event brochure, flyer, and advertising.