Clarksville Fire Department Stations

Central Station--- 510 Sevier St

Station 2, 1102 S Crawford

Station 3, Mills Road at the Floyd Pledger Training Center

Future Station 4—On Massengale Road near new industrial park

  • We have a live burn room, smoke maze, training tower, and vehicle extrication training at the Floyd Pledger training facility on Mills Road.
  • We have two trucks equipped to handle vehicle stabilization and victim extrication.
  • Two trucks equipped with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) which allows the application of foam on fires  to rapidly extinguish them.
  • We have a 4X4 UTV that has water and rescue capabilities to get to hard to reach areas where needed.
  • We have three high pressure air cascade systems to fill our SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), located at the central station,  station 2, and we also have a portable trailer mounted unit.

Our Equipment:

  1. Truck 1—2009 Ford F-550 4x4 brush/grass truck 500 gal water tank with diesel powered pump for grass/brush fires.
  2. Engine 2—1989 Ford-Boardman 1250gpm pump, 1000gal water tank
  3. Engine 3—1980 Ford-Boardman 1000gpm pump, 750gal water tank
  4. Ladder 4—1987 Ford-Boardman 1250gpm pump, 400 gal water tank,  55ft elevated ladder with elevated 1000 gpm water stream.
  5. Engine 5—1995 Freightliner-Boardman 1500gpm pump, 1000gal water tank
  6. Truck 6—1991 Ford-Boardman 1ton quick response truck with 400 gpm pto pump 350 gal water tank and ventilation and clean up equipment.
  7. Engine 7—1999 Freightliner-KME 1500gpm pump, 1000gal water tank
  8. Rescue 8—2012 Ford-Crimson 1250gpm CAFS pump, 500gal water tank, rescue and extrication equipment.
  9. Engine 9—2008 Spartan-Crimson custom cab 1500gpm pump 750gal water tank, 35ft elevated water stream with light plant, rescue and extrication equipment.
  10. Engine 10—International-Spartan 1500gpm CAFS pump, 1000 gal water tank
  11. Gator UTV—2013 John Deere Gator with water pump and rescue equipment.